The boys your mom never allowed you to play with

RB Leipzig


An abandoned football pitch in Eastern Germany. The kick-off of the amateur league. This is the backdrop for one of the most thrilling and innovative projects in European football. The sporting objectives have been clearly defined: Advancing to the German Football League and participating in the UEFA Champions League are on the agenda.

From "most hated" to "most wanted"But how about the support from the stands? How about the people's acceptance in Leipzig and its surroundings areas? And this in an environment characterised by traditions and led by emotions?

Red Bull Creative has delivered answers to these questions in a convincing manner. The Red Bulls form the main element. True to the motto "what's important is what happens on the pitch", the stadium experience was kept free of any advertising whoopee. The experiences happening outside of the pitch are surprising activities that attract people's attention throughout Germany. They create a buzz and a feeling of togetherness with the fans.

Respect is always the most important thing during such activities. Respect for the opposition. And, respect for the people of Leipzig.

Those who want to establish themselves have to think big.At least in case of Red Bulls Leipzig's football project. However, in terms of marketing, Red Bull Creative has set different standards. We don't think big, we think creatively - and thus show that one doesn't need to implement expensive image campaigns to attract attention and win the hearts of the people.

Hitting the right note is paramount for success. For only then are people ready to give their team the shirts of their backs - and only then will an outsider suddenly become an obstacle on the way to the cup, only then are wolves lured into a trap and loud neighbours turned into good friends.

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